Terms of Work

Terms of work vary depending on the scope of work, established consulting and/or development role, and other factors that will be determined in the pre-planning contract stages of working with Devbee.

All development work will be performed on Devbee servers which will be accessible to the client for review. All client source code will be under a strict secure control system and will be exported or delivered according the contract specifications.

Complete estimates will be provided in the planning stage before any development starts, however, accuracy of these estimates depends heavily on the completeness of specifications provided by the client and the client's decisions to alter specifications after work has begun.

Devbee will create a specific plan to execute the site features, requested by the client, based on an indepth analysis of each feature and its implementation in the site. The hours that are required for the successful completion of each feature is then presented in the Devbee Project Assembler for client approval. Our goal is to assure decisions made in the planning phase are clear and achievable assuring that time estimates are very accurate.

Devbee will not work on flubbed, hacked or ugly existing codebases.

Devbee develops exclusively using the Drupal API, providing readable, maintainable code that adheres to Drupal best-practices.