Going full-time with WorkHabit


After over three years as an independent web developer, I've had an opportunity drop in my lap that I am going to take advantage of.

WorkHabit is in the process of opening up shop in San Diego, and I'm joining them. They've got a top-drawer team, and they don't do background checks, so it's a perfect match for me.

I've enjoyed working independently for the last several years, however, I've also learned a lot about running my own business. The primary lesson I've learned is that running a solo web development shop involves a lot more than web development chops. I've spent more time than I would have liked doing things like billing, support, follow-ups, "sales", and all the various tax and legal oriented tasks that come with working for oneself. 

I consider myself a worker bee. I love web development. All the other stuff, not so much.

WorkHabit is truly committed to contributing to the Drupal community. This is a must-have for me. I truly believe that no Drupal based shop can thrive without being directly and heavily involved in it's people and development. I've got a thing against obviously successful Drupal businesses that take but never give. It's just wrong and not too smart. WorkHabit gets it, and I'm looking forward to being able to increase my work with and contributions to the Drupal community. 

I'll be working alongside Drupal Dojo host Joel Ferris (senpai) and Michael "mad man" Murdoch (froggacuda), helping create WorkHabit's San Diego presence. 

We are going to be more heavily supporting the local San Diego DUG in the future as well.

Congratulations! I can't imagine doing freelance full time. Doing it part time, I can afford to be laid back and just take projects that come to me. Depending on it for a living, though, would drive me crazy. When I'm ready to go full time, I'll be looking to get hired somewhere. :)

San Diego is a great place. Or at least it was 20 years ago when I lived there. Sounds like a peachy job.


Congrats Harry! They're lucky to have you :)


congrats harry! big steps.