Dang, it happened to me!


After using the new gmail 'tabs' for a while, I began just ignoring anything not in the primary tab. It turns out, this included notifications from Godaddy regarding domain renewals. I neglected to renew devbee.com, and as sure as the sun rises, it got scooped up immediately by a ... person.

I've owned domains for the last twenty years, and I never thought it would happen to me :) At first I thought no big deal, I'll just use my backup devbee.net domain (which I registered a month after devbee.com and so was able to recover it before it expired). But I've been using harry@devbee.com for my client work for about ten years now, and there's nothing that says amateur hour like bounced email.

I am in touch with the new owner of my domain, and I'll definitely be reporting back on the results of our discussion.