Drupalcon Szeged video promptly available


I eagerly awaited the videos for the Boston Drupalcon. They never seemed to appear. 

However, the videos for Szeged are already available here ! The quality is very good. Audio is good and the presentation screens are fuzzy but you can get the general idea. 

Very impressive. There are many hours of must watch video here if you were unable to attend the conference live.



The slides from many of the presentations are at http://szeged2008.drupalcon.org/program/sessions.html


This is Jessica
Thanks for the link to Boston Drupalcon.
i watched some of the proceedings while
i still have yet to get the complete idea
but still it would be nice if there is a
summary available.



A lot of the Drupalcon Boston videos are up on Archive.org now too.

Thanks for the post. I wanted to see this video for a long time but couldnt find it anywhere. The idea is quite clear, I feel as if I was in the conference. Thanks God we have such things, I cant imagine what i would do without this blog.