Change of Course

A recent series of events has resulted in some major life changes for me.

I purchased a home in San Diego about five years ago, at the peak of real estate prices. My loan is about to shift to a much more expensive adjustable rate mortgage. The value of my home has also dropped by about 50%. The loan cannot be refinanced because I owe more than the house is worth, and I won't be able to afford the new payments.

On October 16th, my mother passed away unexpectedly as well. 

So I'm getting rid of my house in San Diego and moving into my mom's house in San Jose. I'm no longer working for WorkHabit in San Diego and am going to take some time off. 

In the next month or so, I'll be keeping my eye out for some part time contract work either in the Bay Area or remotely. 

I wish peace upon you.

Harry, with the new year, I hope that you find new strength and new directives in life.

That's really sad to hear Harry. 50% is totally unbelievable, here in Sweden 10-15% is really high if your house/apartment has gone down.

Hope things work out for you...


Did you contact the lender and ask about maybe working something out? FYI you have a spammer above my post here.