Don't use GooSync for Palm

I've been a huge Palm fan for over ten years. Although they have gone dramatically downhill in the last 5, and their core software hasn't had a useful upgrade at all in the last decade, I continue to use it. Though my Centro will probably be the last Palm device I ever own as I've pretty much lost all confidence in the Palm brand.

For those of you still using PalmOS, beware of a service called GooSync. It promises to synchronize your calendar, addressbook and todos with corresponding google web apps. 

The service does occassionally work, but it mostly fails. Worst of all, it corrupted my address records, and it took me months to figure out why my addresses were being corrupted. Once I disabled the goosync process, the corruption stopped!

I also just learned that it somehow deleted all of my old calendar records. I'm a digital packrat and like to be able to look up events that occurred ten years ago :)


I had a treo 650 for a couple years and I would never buy a palm device ever again. It would constantly just restart itself in the middle of a call or application, it would freeze half the time and most of the apps I installed wouldnt work right. From now on its blackberry or iphone for me.


I am really excited about the Pre though. iPhone doesn't do a2dp and I love my Jabbra headset. I have owned 3 Palm models since the IIIc and I would love to get back into it.

Kelly Chen

You're right. GooSync is not really compatible for IPhone. Although iPhones are really popular, still it has lots of limtations. I wish i would have one and jabbra headset is really a cool headset.:)


I have had issues with Palm before as well. I have found Blackberry to be a better way of organizing addresses, calendars and many other things. It should not be that easy to delete records, but yet it is. Maybe Palm will come out with a new product to revive itself.

Todd Beardsley

Hi Harry,

would be interesting to know: Why still using a Palm instead of a BlackBerry Smartphone? I think the push-technology for mails, calendar entries and contacts is much more suitable.

Since reading this article I didn't know there are even new Palms on the market...

Kind regards,

I've had nothing but success using GooSync on my Palm Centro (Sprint service).

It was very easy to setup and I haven't had a single problem using the service to sync with my Palm device. All attempts to sync the calendars have been successful on the first try.

I'm using the free service just to sync calendars, not contacts.

I used to sell Palms and I definitely agree. They have been falling for the past five years for sure. I think they are working on some new pieces to completed with the iphone however...

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Don't use GooSync for Palm-Awesome Post...