hook_settings pain


IMHO, the worst part of Drupal is having to learn the API. The core developers are constantly refactoring the heart of Drupal, which is a good thing overall. But it makes it very difficult for the average developer to keep up with the API. Major version releases prior to 4.7 required a developer to make relatively few changes to his module to make it compatible with the new release. 4.7, on the other hand, requires pretty much a complete rewrite of a given 4.6 module. One of the changes involves the old hook_settings callback. I'm really hoping that by following this article, I'll be able to implement settings with minimal pain. But I'm not looking forward to it. Drupal Devs, once 4.7 is released, maybe you could leave the API alone long enough for developers to learn it :) Thu Apr 13 19:15:47 2006 - OK, it turns out it's not all that painful. you create your standard modulename_settings() function and simply use the new Forms API to define it instead of the old form calls.