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It's time for module ratings


The number of available Drupal modules is continuing to grow dramatically. Like a lot of other Drupal users, I spend a good deal of time downloading new modules and trying them out to see what they do. Unfortunately, not all contrib modules work as advertised. I may spend several hours working with a new module before realizing there's some small issue with it that prevents it from solving my problem.

Similarly, there are often modules out there that solve problems I didn't even know I had, but I'm simply not aware they exist.

What I want is a resource that leverages the experience of thousands of Drupal administrators. I want to know that I shouldn't even bother with a module because it's too buggy. I want to know what modules other users find useful in specific areas (such as multimedia, file handling, cache issues, etc.).

Other large OSS communities often solve this need for a shared knowledge base by providing user reviews. Mozilla, Thunderbird, Joomla and other modular systems provide user reviews and ratings. It is time that the Drupal community have one too.

What's New in Drupal 5?


Everyone wants to know what's new in Drupal 5, and it's not obvious where to quickly find this information. For the definitive summary of what is new and different, see the 5.0 version of CHANGELOG.txt.

Quick Drupal function reference


I got this little snippet off of somewhere, but it's proving remarkabley handy for everyday development.

Create a php node with the following content:

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