Big Time Scaling


This is a very insightful article on MediaTemple's efforts to build one of the first massive web hosting grid: Anatomy of MySQL on the GRID

Google comes to my rescue

I'm currently on the road and sending email has been a major ordeal. Naturally none of my ISPs allow me to relay from the alien IPs my laptop is getting. And I've spent days trying to configure sendmail on my own private server to allow me to use it for SMTP.

Finally, I set up a local SMTP server on my laptop, which mostly works. But about 10% of my mail gets bounced as large blocks of ISP addresses are generally blacklisted.

Today I discovered that with my gmail account, I have available to me secure SMTP service for all my email accounts!

Notes from OSCMS2007

These are my raw notes from this event. Here mainly for me :)

What's New in Drupal 5?


Everyone wants to know what's new in Drupal 5, and it's not obvious where to quickly find this information. For the definitive summary of what is new and different, see the 5.0 version of CHANGELOG.txt.

Google Code Search


I'm not sure when this came out, but Google now has source code search. These guys never stop amazing me.

So what you need to do now is create a new bookmark in firefox. Point it to:

Give it a name and in the keyword field, put something like 'phpcode'. Save it.

Now in your address bar, type 'phpcode array_merge' and return.

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