Creating custom apache logfile names for your multisite instances


One of the great features of Drupal is its ability to run any number of sites from one base installation, a feature generally referred to as multisites . Creating a new site is just a matter of creating a settings.php file and (optionally) a database to go with your new site. That's it. More importantly, there's no need to set up complicated Apache Virtual hosts, which are a wonderful feature of Apache, but can be very tricky and tedious, especially if you're setting up a large number of subsites.

No worries, there is a solution.

redirecting all possible hostnames to one using mod_rewrite


SEO experts claim that having multiple hostnames point to the same site will result in lower rankings for that site. It's common to see sites accept both "www.foo.com" and "foo.com".

I have no idea if this is true, but it makes a bit of sense, so why take the chance.

I want to direct everyone to "devbee.com" regardless of what they type in, with one exception. I want to allow for a hostname test.devbee.com for my own devious purposes. This is what I'd put in the mod_rewrite section of my .htaccess or httpd.conf file:

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