Drupal Powered Performancing Metrics Released


Today, the folks over at announced the realease of Performancing Metrics, a free new service for tracking statistics for Blogs. Best of all, it's all in Drupal. OK, I'll come clean, I was involved in this project. My primary role was integrating Performancing's existing website with the Metrics tool. The entire toolset runs behind a single Drupal module that acts as a wrapper for what are essentially standalone PHP scripts.

Sharing Cookies between Sub-domains

If you have two sites using the same domain and would like to share cookies between them, set something like this in your settings.php file for each domain:

ini_set('session.cookie_domain', '');

Be sure you include the leading '.' before the domain name or it won't work.

This allows users to maintain login status between any sites configured for domain-wide cookies.

This can also have negative side effects, so don't do this unless you're familiar with all the cookies involved for the sites you wa

Quick Drupal function reference


I got this little snippet off of somewhere, but it's proving remarkabley handy for everyday development.

Create a php node with the following content:

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