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Moving Tabs to the Main Menu


Developers are all familiar with the default behavior of the drupal menu systems "local tasks" (aka tabs). These appear throughout most Drupal sites, primarily in the administration area, but also on other pages like the user profile.

Generally, developers are pretty good about creating logical local tasks, meaning only those menu items which logically live under another menu item (like view, edit, revisions, workflow, etc... live under the node/% menu item).

Don't use GooSync for Palm

I've been a huge Palm fan for over ten years. Although they have gone dramatically downhill in the last 5, and their core software hasn't had a useful upgrade at all in the last decade, I continue to use it. Though my Centro will probably be the last Palm device I ever own as I've pretty much lost all confidence in the Palm brand.

For those of you still using PalmOS, beware of a service called GooSync. It promises to synchronize your calendar, addressbook and todos with corresponding google web apps. 

Change of Course

A recent series of events has resulted in some major life changes for me.

I purchased a home in San Diego about five years ago, at the peak of real estate prices. My loan is about to shift to a much more expensive adjustable rate mortgage. The value of my home has also dropped by about 50%. The loan cannot be refinanced because I owe more than the house is worth, and I won't be able to afford the new payments.

On October 16th, my mother passed away unexpectedly as well. 

Drupalcon Szeged video promptly available


I eagerly awaited the videos for the Boston Drupalcon. They never seemed to appear. 

However, the videos for Szeged are already available here ! The quality is very good. Audio is good and the presentation screens are fuzzy but you can get the general idea. 

Very impressive. There are many hours of must watch video here if you were unable to attend the conference live.



Going full-time with WorkHabit


After over three years as an independent web developer, I've had an opportunity drop in my lap that I am going to take advantage of.

WorkHabit is in the process of opening up shop in San Diego, and I'm joining them. They've got a top-drawer team, and they don't do background checks, so it's a perfect match for me.

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